Fixing your own computers?, talk to us, we can help!

BandW_FixingPC1After years of service we have seen many business owners and DIY folks trying to fix their own computers.

Expending enourmous amount of time trying to get something fixed, that was supposed to be easy, but somehow, somewhere, it turned out sour.

That is the time when we step in, we help, we solve, we deliver, most of all, we give you a bag of options where you can save time, money and aggravation, after all, you do not really need to spend that time fixing that computer or network, now with our help, you can spend your time driving more business to your business, leave us the mess, we will fix the problem with optimal results and quality service. There is nothing wrong with trying to fix your own computer problems, but if this is taking more time than anticipated, time that you could use on a more benefitial way, well then we are here to help.

At CIC Computech, we count with a talented team and a variety of services, from network install and maintenance, computer repair, web design, application development, equipment leasing and much more, all of it at a great value,  you will be surprise and ask yourself “why did I want to fix that myself?“, there is no need for that anymore, we can help solve some of your business operational needs, we can provide you with some technological options, make process easier and more efficient, we will find the right fit and solution for you.

We do not have a “one size fits all” policy, every business is different, your business is different, so we will tailor our solutions to your very needs, just contact us and we will happy to help, there is no charges, no hidden fees, we will just sit down and listen, discuss with you and provide the best of the best.

We do not see any business as a small business,  for us your business is as important as it is for a CEO of an Enterprise, and that is the way we see it, we care about your business, we want your business to succeed, to take advantage of technology, your success will lead to our grow.