our mission

Provide all our clients with the highest quality of service, Do the job right or do not do it at all, growth relationships and partnerships out of our interactions with our clients and be the best we can be at what we do.

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Our services

Information Technology  services an delivering high quality customer service is what we are all about, we will provide you our your business from basic computer needs to complex system and network management, check our portfolio of services and give us a call.


Be our partner

Throughout our years in service, we have surrounded ourselves with talented people, from developers, designers, vendors, technicians and even some of our own clients, if you know and feel that you need us on your team, or we need you on ours, contact us and let us know all about, we have formed some of the strongest partnership with the people we work and work for.


What we are doing…

1Looking for lead techs.
If you want to be part of an active team, if you are a problem solving oriented person, if you want to learn about technology and have some experience in the Information Technology field, please give us a call or send us your resume at itsupport@ciccomputech.com and let us know what you are all about.

2Starting a free want-to be-a tech class.
As part of our giving culture, we are designing a program where we will be teaching folks on how to become a Computer Tech, what it takes, what you need, how to fix and solve computer and system issues, hands on and the real deal, if you want to know more about it send us an email and let us know that you want to participate, classes will be free and held once a week, yeap, free learning!.

3Buying and recycling pre-owned computer equipment .
If it’s already that time where your business needs to revamp inventory and do not know what to do with all that old equipment, or if you are about to spend some money by having your electronics recycled, hold on,  contact us, we may recycle it for free, or make you an offer.