Computer Equipment leasing

CIC Computech provides businesses with the opportunity of leasing computer equipment, brand new or pre-owned equipment, including Personal Computers, Laptops, Multifunctional printers, and more. We provide this service as an Add-on to our service contracts, for those clients that do not have the latest technology, newer or better than what they currently have.

This is our most solicited add-on from the many services we provide, since allow our clients to tap into new and better technology at a fraction of the cost, our clients can acquire equipment immediately while preserving their working capital and other lines of credit. Use these freed up resources as operating capital to fund needs such as inventory, marketing efforts, and other areas of your business you are trying to grow. A company can acquire and utilize income producing equipment and technology, while the leased equipment pays for itself with the profits and savings it generates.

If your business is among one of the many that are also overpaying for ink supplies on inkjet printers, we have solutions for you, we can cut your expense in half in some cases, feel free to contact us and we will be more than glad to present you with many options to save you money.