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Better than hiring, better than outsourcing, it’s Managed IT

We offer a simple solution for small business owners, we remove the pain and uncertainty of hiring or outsourcing IT personal, we become your IT department, so you get the best IT services for 50% less than the industry average of a person under your business payroll. Now you can focus on your business!

Here’s How It Works

You choose a plan, simple pricing, tailored services to meet your business needs.


This plan offers basic remote services. Everything you need to support your team, including support via phone, desktop/laptop management, network connectivity and printing support. We recommend this plan for those business without server management needs


This is the middle ground plan, the one that allows you to have remote services and every so often on site scheduled visits. With your GBL plan you will have some of both worlds. This plan can be tailored to meet your business needs and still be cost effective.


Your advanced plan Includes everything your business needs to thrive and forget about technical issues, your peace of mind so you can focus on growing your business. Enhanced remote and onsite support, server, email, network management and much more.

Our approach is very simple

Step 1
Select a plan
You choose a plan that has been tailored to your business needs. Your business gets a simple pricing model and all plans come with a flat fee and month-to-month service.
Step 1
Step 2
Meet our team
You get a dedicated team of certified experts who will deliver today’s highest-level IT expertise and service to your small business.
Step 2
Step 3
Get Onboard
We work directly with your staff to configure hardware, software, and peripherals including patches, updates, and network configuration support. We also take care of computer backups, server maintenance, printing support, security awareness training, and all core data protection activities.
Step 3
Step 4
Seat back, relax and focus on your business
Now you can spend more time growing your business and less time on IT infrastructure. You’ll get all the IT capabilities you need and our "Get it done" attitude guarantees our success.
Step 4

Some of the services we offer are:


Net Administration

Setup, Managment, Support and Security of your network


Email Managment

Administration of Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace and more


Server Administration

Setup, maintenance and security for on-premises and cloud based


Computer Support

Backups, patching, upgrading, troubleshooting and more.


Wifi Design

Setup, maintenance of commercial and outdoors networks


Structured Wiring

Low voltage cable from CAT6/5e, fiber and more.


Helpdesk Services

Our technical experts will work on your case in minutes.


Security & Compliance

Backups onsite & off-site, security suite administration

Your business deserves more than just an "IT guy"

An actual team of IT experts is behind your business when you work with us.

Questions we get asked

  • Outdated computers & software slow your employees down
    It makes scaling your business difficult and frustrates employees
  • Data is unsecure, no planning for disaster, no recovery plans
  • Servers and netwoks go down, whether is for a few minutes or an entire day it’s the fasted way to frustrate customers and kill productivity.

Give Back

We wanted to help our community, we figured a good way would be to fund a technology scholarship that will help our new bilingual generation. We continue to raise money for this cause. A portion of our profits and with help from partners, clients, friends, and family we continue to fulfill this mission.


Our Goal for 2022